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Chain Link Fence For Residential

Residential Chain Link Fence is a best option for a person who is looking for the security and containment for his residential properties at the affordable rates. Therefore, by keeping the needs and demands of the customers in mind, our organization is providing a wide assortment of Chain Link Fence for Residential Places. This fencing is available with us in both galvanized steel and polyester powder coated steel wire that further is easily installable as well as lingers in harsh environmental conditions. Apart from the security, this Residential Galvanized Fence System provides modular appeal to the place owing to its availability in different colors.

Residential Galvanized Fence Systems

Chain link fence systems offer years ofmaintenance-
free,long-lasting protection. They are easy to install and provide a high level of security. Master Halco coats all steel chain-link components with zinc-a proven anti-corrosive agent used for more than 200 years.

Applications :

Galvanized residential chain link fence systems have been preferred for decades to define property lines and enclose animals, as well as protect and add value to property. For privacy, different types of decorative polyethylene and aluminum slats, available in a variety of colors, can be added to
create an attractive screen.

Features and Benefits :

  • Residential chain link fence systems are commonly used because they are durable and easy to install.

  • All steel components of a Master Halco galvanized chain link fence system are hot-dip zinc coated and guaranteed with a 7 and 12 year coating warranty.

  • Ties used to attach the chain link fabric to the framework between terminal posts are made from aluminum, resulting in maintenance-free security.

  • Some fittings such as caps, rail ends, and eye tops are made from rugged die-cast aluminum making the fence very affordable.
  • Due to the fence make-up, residential chain link systems preserve views and provide tranquility to almost any property.

Material Specifications :

- 12 Warranty System
- 12 Year Warranty System with Decorative Slats
- 7 Year Warranty System

Chain-Link Fabric

Gauge 9, 11
or 11 Mesh 2" or 2
Heights 3', 42", 4', 5' and 6'
Selvage Knuckle-Knuckle (KK) for 5' and under. Knuckle-Knuckle (KK) or Barb-Knuckle (BK) for 6' and over

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