Bharat Wire Mesh Panels ... the latest ideas in landscaping.Bharat landscaping walls and fencing is now the latest idea in residential fencing and soil retention solutions and is specified by many landscape contractors and architects for new homes and renovations.Landscaping with Bharat is a well-tried and environmentally friendly construction system.The wire baskets, which are filled with natural stones, blend harmoniously into the landscape.For the DO IT YOURSELFER it's an easy task to lay out and construct your own retention wall or fence.

Desert Landscaping

Imagine a place where there is a scarcity of water and vegetation but still you find a wonderful example of engineering as Desert Landscaping, we have provided plenty of aesthetic design solutions in deserts using welded mesh panels and stones and making it most feasible and economical solution.

Architectural Design

In modern engineering lot of different modes of technologies has been used for the architectural designs some of them are expensive and some are of earlier era but using gabions as a concept for Architectural design is a new cheapest reliable method and it has made its mark in the Architectural Industry.

Gabion Hardscapes

Looking to add some charm to your patio or driveway ? 

Then discover the possibilities by enhancing them with a custom gabion hardscape wall or privacy fence and create the perfect outdoor space

Whether you want to do-it-yourself or hire a professional contractor, we can supply you with the materials and free advise for your project.

Residential Designs

For residential design Gabion Walls are economical and less expensive to install than other rock walls.These are aesthetically interesting and contemporary. These walls are great alternative to traditional rock walls as they are much stronger and easier to install Gabion Walls can be made to almost any height and length Gabion Walls can be filled with a whole range of rocks and other materials, like terracotta, bricks, glass, or logs.