Rock Fall Protection & Snow Barriers

Rock Fall Protection & Snow Barriers

Rockfall Protection

Rockfall protection and rockfall mitigation are key elements in the security and safety of infrastructure, mine works, buildings or people. Even small rockfalls, or debris flows can block infrastructure and can have far-reaching economic effects beyond the immediate disruption. This also applies to buildings or other installations at risk of damage from rockfalls, avalanches or debris flows.

Rockfall Embankments

Rockfall protection embankments are passive systems and an ideal solution when surface stabilisation systems cannot be installed (e.g. for very wide slopes) or where interception of falling rocks is not possible due to the whole slope being inaccessible. They are commonly used as protection from natural hazards, landslides, rockfalls, avalanches, hydro-geologic problems and more.

Snow Fences

They are designed to stabilise the layer of snow at the potential avalanche conception zone, thereby preventing triggering of the avalanche.

The snow-pack exerts a force which is absorbed by the nets and transmitted to the ground by means of a system of snow fence posts and anchors. The flexibility of our snow fence system results in a reduction of the loads exerted on the structure, enabling a more efficient installation.

Avalanche Protection

The inhabitants of mountainous areas in snow zones have always been affected by the risk of avalanches. The need to live alongside this threat has led to attempts to mitigate the risk by constructing intricate systems of artificial structures.

The increasing risk of avalanches. Deforestation and the development of tourist infrastructure in these regions have resulted in a reduction of the natural barriers and consequently, the triggering of snow avalanches. Also, the changing use of these regions requires an increase in safety requirements, to protect ski resorts, residential areas, roads and railway lines.