Soil Erosion

Soil Erosion

Soil Erosion

Bharat Wire Mesh is among the most cost-effective soil erosion control methods, with exceptional results achieved using only small quantities sprayed directly onto the surface. This simple application means there’s no need for your staff to spend time installing any item or additional product treatments onto battered surfaces. Long-term savings on water costs are also achieved with Bharat Wire Mesh. As a scientifically formulated waterproof product, it is not affected by rainfall or storm events, while offering long-term protection with minimal maintenance required. Water runoff or loss is also significantly reduced, which can result in water savings of up 30% via a reduction in required irrigation frequency.

Soil Retaining Walls

Gabion retaining wall systems are monolithic gravity mass structures that are ideally suited for erosion control applications. Gabion wall base width relative to wall height the base width of a gabion gravity retaining wall is directly related to the height of the wall. As the wall height increases, the base of the wall must become wider to ensure structural stability.

Bridge Protection

Gabions offer excellent protection as soil stabilizers around bridges, bridge piers and abutment slopes. Generally, the degree of the slope to be protected shall determine what structure type is best suited for a specific application. Slopes with an angle of 1:1 or steeper usually  require standard gabion retaining wall protection. Slopes with an angle of 1:1.5 or less may use a combination of gabion baskets and/or mattresses for slope protection.

Channel Lining

Gabions are the frequent choice of engineers for channel lining design solutions  since they provide economical construction for embankment stability, scour protection ... ensuring  long term functional and structural integrity.

Gabions constructed of welded or twisted wire are the common materials used for lining channels. Vertical wall channels utilize rectangular shaped gabion baskets for the side walls and gabion mattresses for the channel bottom.

Channels with sloped side walls are usually lined with gabion mattresses on the slope sides and bottom Unlike  rigid wall solutions solutions, gabions form a flexible, permeable, monolithic structure that  promotes rapid growth of natural vegetation and contributes to significant water filtering and greater run-off volumes.

Soil Reinforcement

Gabion systems are also used to form rock faced reinforced soil walls (also known as Mechanically Stabilised Earth) and embankments. It has been used globally on some of the most significant infrastructure schemes, including what is believed to be the tallest reinforced soil structure in the world; 74m high. Theses System units are made of high-quality double twisted steel wire mesh, which is heavily galvanized and polymer coated to provide long-term corrosion protection.An additional protective polymeric coating is also applied for gabions that are to be used in more aggressive environments, or where a longer design life is required. Gabions  are often used in conjunction for soil reinforcement purposes forming more cost-effective hybrid structures.